Anderson Augustine Team

James Augustine & Candy Anderson



REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON - Roland James Augustine grew up in Pine Plains, New York, and his career into Real Estate started at a young age with a passion for the outdoors. James attended The Millbrook School, and went on to St. Lawrence University, where he graduated in 2015. His extensive knowledge of Dutchess County, and crucial understanding of land conservation, make him a perfect candidate for the job. James attributes much of his early success in the real estate industry due to his use of technology, and his ability to incorporate cutting edge marketing and advertising techniques. Additionally, his in-depth understanding of local market trends set him apart from the traditional broker in Dutchess County. James prides himself on his ability to go above and beyond for his clients, ensuring a smooth transaction throughout the buying and selling process. Prior to joining H.W. Guernsey, James had worked for his father’s art gallery, Luhring Augustine, located on the lower west side of Manhattan and in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His mother, Kathleen V. Augustine, previously served on the board of directors at Dutchess Land Conservancy, and currently sits on the advisory board. James’s older brother, Sam Augustine, also works in the residential real estate industry with Compass, based out of Aspen, Colorado. James values the lifestyle that comes with land ownership in Dutchess County, and some of his passions include fly-fishing, archery, tennis, golf, farming and photography. His support extends to The Dutchess Land Conservancy, The Cary Institute, The Millbrook School, The Tamerack Preserve, The Millbrook Hunt, Fitches Corners, and The Mashomack Preserve.

ASSOCIATE REAL ESTATE BROKER. Candace Anderson grew up in Philadelphia and Southern Florida. Her career as an Associate Broker with H.W. Guernsey Realtors spans more than thirty years and her expertise includes a broad geographic area from the Great Camps of the Adirondacks to the fine country properties of Millbrook, Northwestern Connecticut and the Mid-Hudson Valley. Candy has supplemented her practical knowledge with studies in appraisal, architecture, safety and ethics. Her diligence, integrity, and leadership are consistently demonstrated by her sale of many of the area's most noteworthy homes, estates, land parcels, and equestrian facilities. After college, Candy held management positions at Sak's Fifth Avenue, and was Advertising Director for New Woman magazine. Fluent in Spanish, she lived in Mexico for ten years where she was President of ELCL, Inc., a multi-media sales, marketing and promotion company. Candy has a vast international client base, incorporating sales, listings and referrals. Committed to the preservation of the area's rural way of life and architectural heritage, Candy supports The Dutchess Day School, the Dutchess Land Conservancy, Hudsonia and the Millbrook Hunt. She is a Trustee of The National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, New York. Candy resides in Millbrook with her husband Lex at High Cover, their family horse farm.